Rebuild Your Life

To achieve sober living, you have to decide to get clean and to remain sober. That is not easy for anyone. If you have a moderate to severe addiction, it’s critical to do this with professional help. One of the most important decisions you can make in your recovery is finding the right aftercare or community support once treatment concludes. At Foundation Recovery Center, we believe that individuals can bolster their recovery by participating in our sober living program.

In our community housing in Baltimore, Maryland, clients will work through these programs and use our therapies to continue to stay independent of drugs or alcohol. It’s a way to continue to lessen the hold addiction has.

What Is Community Housing?

friends holding hands in sober living programWhile some individuals can complete addiction treatment and return to their normal life without an issue, many people need continued support even after rehab. For many, aftercare is a significant component of maintaining a lasting recovery. It’s natural to be unsure of how to step back into living a sober life after treatment. Some individuals may not have much of a life to go back to because of all the damage. Therefore, addiction professionals need to provide a means to continue to help individuals. One sure way is through sober living programs.

A form of community housing, our sober living program is an opportunity for you to reclaim some of the independence you may have lost over the years. In this treatment program, you are regaining life skills. You will learn the ins and outs of living on your own. This may take meeting specific goals. You will have responsibilities to meet as well.

This opportunity may give you some of the push you need to achieve more with your life. It can help you to gain the support you need to heal as well from your past. You are never alone when you turn to our team for guidance.

Benefits of Our Sober Living Program

After inpatient and residential treatment, your time away from structure and therapy greatly increases. Community housing, or what many addiction treatment facilities term sober living programs, is designed to ensure clients stay connected with a network of recovery-focused peers. Living sober and away from past triggers and influences that contributed to your using or drinking can change your life and help you grow in recovery.

In our sober living program at Foundations Recovery Center, individuals can relearn the life skills they need to live a normal, drug-free life, such as grocery shopping, cooking healthy dinners, and relearning how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Sober living or halfway homes allow individuals to build and be apart of a support system. When clients build relationships in recovery, they often become the support networks for life in recovery. Community housing helps keep life structured and maintains accountability.

Some of the amenities you can expect in our sober living program here at Foundations Recovery Center include:

  • Newly renovated and fully furnished apartments
  • Beautiful tile bathrooms
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Newly renovated granite countertop kitchen
  • King and double bedrooms with semi-private bathrooms
  • Beautiful outside quad for relaxing in the fresh outdoors
  • Spacious living rooms with couches and televisions

Discover How Foundations Recovery Center Can Support Your Recovery

Sober living is an opportunity to achieve each goal set during addiction treatment for life in recovery. It is also an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about how individuals can live their life in sobriety. Here at Foundations Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care in a positive environment. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us at 833.782.2241 today.