Rebuild Your Life

Addiction treatment comes in many different forms designed to meet the needs of individuals dealing with the disease of addiction. Some individuals looking for drug rehab or alcohol rehab may need strict oversight, while others require structure but need to return to their home or maintain working. One program that offers flexibility while delivering the necessary counseling and addiction treatment is an intensive outpatient program.

At Foundations Recovery Center, our intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is designed to provide individuals struggling with substance use disorder or addiction with the support necessary to begin taking the steps towards independence. Whether clients are stepping down their treatment or entering IOP as an initial step, our team will create an individualized plan based on individuals’ specific needs during early recovery.

The Therapy Plan in Our Intensive Outpatient Program

professional and client in an intensive outpatient programWhen you begin at Foundations Recovery Center’s IOP, you will learn how to use the tools and skills discovered in treatment with the real life situations and stresses you encounter during early recovery. Through individual and group therapy, clients learn how to take what they learn and discuss and practice it in their homes, work, school, and community.

For many individuals, intensive outpatient therapy groups are an ongoing and reliable resource. Group members will encounter the same situations, make the same mistakes, and find the same successes. Watching and helping peers, clients can have meaningful breakthroughs and find fulfillment. Along with group meetings, individuals will meet with our therapists and counselors on an individual basis as well. These sessions will help provide accountability and ensure that clients take substantial, healthy steps towards taking control of their lives.

Counseling and Therapy

During an IOP, individuals have the opportunity to begin taking complete control of their life back from addiction. We will be there to help you take each step, developing positive life skills along the way. At Foundations Recovery Center, we will help you set clear goals and support as you begin regaining independence. Our therapists will work with you to determine the healthiest steps as you begin returning to regular life. We will work with you at every step to ensure you have the support and backing you need during early recovery.

Part of this means getting an individual’s family involved to address issues contributing to addiction and help the family learn how to be supportive in a healthy manner. We believe it is important to involve loved ones in recovery when it is healthy and appropriate. It is part of our philosophy to begin healing the family as well as each individual in our care. These family therapy sessions will help educate all family members on strategies to promote long-term recovery, set healthy boundaries, and fix your unhealthy relationships.

During an individual’s time in our intensive outpatient program, loved ones will also have access to family support groups to help them interact with other families with the same goals. These groups focus on psychological education and healthy coping mechanism so that families can become a resource for long-term recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options at Foundations Recovery Center

Our IOP in Baltimore, Maryland, is just one of the addiction treatment programs we offer here at Foundations Recovery Center. We understand that it’s necessary to offer treatment programs that best fit the needs of the individual. An intensive outpatient program may be the best fit for those who need the flexibility to meet their family obligations, work duties, or educational needs. However, others may benefit from a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or a sober living program. Reach out to us today to learn more about our programs by calling 833.782.2241.